Neptune in the 9th House

Neptune in 9th house represents that the individuals tend to be more imaginary and believe in spiritualism. These individuals have some extrasensory powers by which they are able to know more about the world. They have a nature like that of a diviner and telepathic. Also, they tend to be very encouraging and love to research a lot about mysterious processes, psychology and spiritualism. They have a profound belief that human can take rebirth. Sometimes these individuals tend to feel evil threats. Their dreams have some association with bad sensations. They have a positive attitude in any kind of situation. For them, nothing is impossible. They have strong belief in nature. But at times, these individuals can become lethargic and useless as they lack sense of practicality. Because of this they tend to miss important information.

According to astrology, individuals having Neptune in 9th house usually travel long journeys. They tend to be successful in terms of finances, if they settle their business in foreign countries. But if they have to stay there, then there is a possibility that some problem is created. These individuals also have an inclination towards philosophy. They have amazing power of understanding subjects related to spiritual matters. They can also become good judges as they have the capability of differentiating between what is right and what is wrong. They have the quality of persuading other persons with their thoughts as they tend to have a powerful sense of intuition. These individuals have some problem in following discipline as in school or college. They fight for their individual characteristics and power. Since Neptune is a planet of religion, these individuals have a tendency to make themselves perfect in all respects. They are also involved day dreaming. 

Ninth house represents thinking and attentiveness about the world. Individuals who have Neptune in 9th house tend to have much curiosity in knowing their surroundings. They spent most of their time in analyzing the realities of life.

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