Neptune in the 8th House

With Neptune in 8th house, the individuals involve themselves in illusions and dreams. They have the ability to analyze their dreams. They usually have imaginations that include sex or role modeling. They follow them very strongly. They believe that in real life, it might be impossible for them to achieve those dreams. Usually, they get less than what they give. Therefore, they are in search for partners who are able to give more than them. But generally, it does not happen. They tend to remain unsatisfied and always have the desire to get more. It is possible that they do not understand their partners’ mental level as their expectations are somewhat more. They can make mistakes in selecting their partners. This house is very fond of supernaturalism.

Individuals having Neptune in 8th house tend to give more in monetary terms. They can share more of their finances with a dominant person which results in misunderstandings. Most of the people can take advantage of this due to their behavior whether in partnership or relationship. Because of this, they can come close to poverty within a short period. These individuals should set limits for helping others using their finances; otherwise they can be left deceived. This is the only by which they can keep a check on money. As these individuals grow older, they tend to become more responsible and able to control their finances in a better way. They can understand the difference between what is mine and what is yours. They can face problems created by their spouses and also in collection of legacy. 

Neptune in 8th house makes the individuals very creative. Their sexual imagination power can be very strong. They tend to adopt various styles in their sexual imagination. This house also symbolizes that these individuals can meet death in a very strange manner which is not natural.

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