Neptune in the 7th House

Individuals having Neptune in 7th house have very responsible attitude towards their family and other relations (friends and relatives). They put all their efforts to give their fullest. They feel a strong desire to have a partner. In such circumstances, it might happen that they make a wrong decision in selecting them. This may result in selection of spouse who are not independent and do not show any commitment towards the relation. They are not able to take the relationship the way they are, but they have their own perception of seeing it. The qualities which these individuals want in their partners actually do not exist. They have a lot of expectations from their partners, out of which only few are real. They are unable to regulate and differentiate while choosing their mates. Actually, they tend to show a vague expression in their relationship. And unknowingly, they authorize them to take all the decisions.

Neptune in 7th house makes the individuals very adjusting. They can make others feel very comfortable in their company. They have a special quality to find positive features in other person especially their partners. For this to happen, their partner should have the ability to appraise these individuals and show a certain maturity level. This house represents how these individuals perceive the life. They usually show ignorant behavior towards the real and associate spiritualism with it. They tend to enjoy life in the form of delusions and dreams. These individuals cannot see other persons to be in trouble. They let their hands towards them to bring them out of the problem. And they tend to do so forever. Neptune is a planet that believes in giving, not always in terms of money, but in other aspects. These individuals are trustworthy and set an ideal image for others.

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