Neptune in the 6th House

With Neptune in 6th house, the individuals can easily manage their daily routine activities. These individuals have personal belief in activities other than routine. They believe in the life after that. They are not interested in taking any kind of responsibility which results in misunderstandings and regrets. They usually behave in an ignorant manner. They are always ready to help their colleagues without any conditions. But in doing so, they tend to forget their daily work and keeps on pending. At last, they are messed up with everything and look forward to others for help. As far as health is concerned, these individuals tend to suffer from strange diseases that cannot be diagnosed. These can be the result of regression that is caused due to their irresponsible behavior. They have an interest in improving their health by using any means and medicines like ayurvedic and homeopathic. They generally take care of their health themselves when it reaches extreme. 

Neptune in 6th house makes the individuals habitual of drugs and alcohol, which can prove to be poisonous to their bodies. They should avoid taking drugs. They tend to be attracted easily towards such things. They are unable to control this attraction which causes great damage to their health. These individuals are also prone to betrayal due to which sometimes they loose their workplace confidence. Also, they are very sensitive in nature. If they feel job dissatisfaction, they tend to blame themselves for not performing well with dedication. So, the best thing would be that these individuals should make themselves busy in some motivational professions. Sometimes they undergo emotional problems due to which they are unable to involve into the work and have to face problems in future. 

Neptune in 6th house denotes personal development in individuals. This house predicts that how these individuals tend to adjust themselves in life changing circumstances which further is responsible for their relation with others.

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