Neptune in the 5th House

Individuals having Neptune in 5th house tend to have special interest towards businesses such as movie making, theatrical acts, casinos, etc. As far as their heart is concerned, they always face strange situations. For example, their love relationship cannot go long because of quarrelsome behavior. Such incidents create a feeling of regression in these individuals. This house indicates problems that one cannot understand and which are related to their children.

These individuals tend to show concern for mentally retarded children and those who do not have parents. This house is responsible for creative nature of the individuals. These individuals usually become guardian of such children who actually are not their children. But they give them good parenthood to make them feel special. These individuals have heart which is like a heart of a child.  

Those who have Neptune in 5th house tend to be intelligent. They also believe in spiritualism and extrasensory powers. They put all their efforts to use such powers creatively whether they have to suffer a lot after that. But they do not care. This house signifies the emotional point of view that is used by the poets. It also symbolizes love which is not physical and related to status. But only that is emotional love which attaches two persons together. These individuals appreciate beauty, art, glory, passion and lust. But they are unable to differentiate between their own choices. Usually, these individuals are deceived in a relationship. They love to spent quality time with children. They are passionate and sensitive about it and same are their children. Neptune in 5th house makes the individuals involve into love affairs. They enjoy in doing so and some sadness is expected. But they can be ditched. These individuals tend to have an attraction towards art. They can become talented singer or actor too. Their artistic talent is greatly admired by people.

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