Neptune in the 4th House

If Neptune in 4th house is placed favorably, then the individuals have a tendency towards religious aspects. They devote themselves fully for the persons they are closely attached. They can go to any extent for those relationships. But when Neptune is placed unfavorably in this house, it is likely that they can become cheaters and can betray others. During this, they tend to shift their residence a lot. This in turn affects trust and happiness of those they are associated. They can create strange situations. This house can make them poor and also it can bring them imprisonment at some point of life, so they have to live on the kindheartedness of others. These individuals are not ready to take any kind of responsibility at any age. They always tend to think themselves as young. They are unable to fulfill the expectations and necessities of their family and friends. They usually are far away from maturity.  

Having Neptune in 4th house, the individuals are confused about themselves. They have less clarity about how to face the life differently. This house symbolizes that the family life of the individuals have to undergo certain strange situations. They tend to maintain number of secrets related to their family and parents in a way that nobody can get to know about it in any way. Since Neptune has an inclination towards supernatural powers, thus these individuals are greatly affected by this nature of Neptune which in turn affects their family life. This house denotes the feelings that are hidden inside the individuals and the relation they have with their family and friends. It is possible that these individuals have grown up under the love and care of one of the parents. The reason might be that their parents have separated long time back or one of them has expired.

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