Neptune in the 3rd House

Neptune signifies spiritualism, illusions and dreams. Thus, Neptune in 3rd house makes the individuals inspirational writers and speakers. They can also become ideal for people. They tend to be dedicated towards their work. They can sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. If Neptune is placed in a weak position in 3rd house, then it affects the individuals in certain ways. For example, they can become shrewd in nature. They show strange and mysterious behavior. Since Neptune is a symbol of water. Individuals who have Neptune in 3rd house tend to travel a lot, especially water journeys. This traveling can be for any reason either business or fun. This house makes the individuals intelligent and reasonable. They aim for big targets in life. They have limitless ideas and imaginations which enable them achieve their targets comfortably. Also, they have a good sense of intuition and perception. This helps them to think better.  

Neptune in 3rd house makes the individuals express themselves so good that everybody is impressed by their use of words. They have an inclination towards becoming a poet because of word power which helps them to explain their thoughts very effectively. They can write about their fantasies with no boundaries. They are able to influence others by way of excellent communication skills. They are least interested in studies, especially school education. Rather, they love to visualize things in their own style. Their style of perceiving things is somewhat different due to which they sometimes tend to loose information. They are unable to follow timetables and daily routine activities. This behavior tends to make them late or miss the appointment. These individuals are very creative and imaginative. They look very appealing altogether. But they generally don’t think before they speak which can create chaos among other persons. They do not like to follow rules and regulations in their adulthood. Only something interesting can force them to learn.

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