Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune in 2nd house rules the emotions and sensations of individuals. If there is some problem, they tend to escape them rather than face them with strength. Usually, they tend to show an irresponsible behavior. They tend to be confused and unpractical. They are engaged in creating confusions all around. They generally live in fantasies and imaginations. They do not want to work hard to earn money rather they look for some short cut ways to become rich. Due to this, they are caught by fraud people very easily. As a result, they get into trouble and money loss. They are unable to see the realities of life. They become over-confident. They lack a vision to differentiate between good and bad. People come to them asking for financial help and they find it difficult to refuse. In such cases, people use them a lot. At the end, they tend to loose everything they have. They are of the belief that money helps brings emotional attachment between persons.

Neptune in 2nd house make individuals thinks that there is no value for money. All that matters is feelings. They tend to spend money like anything. And at last, they are left with nothing. They are unable to analyze the reason for being so. These individuals are neither independent and nor satisfied. Some individuals have lack of feelings and emotions. They do not have sense of earning money and how to regulate it fruitfully. They are least bothered about thought and hard work required to make money. So they generally face money related difficulties. When Neptune is in 2nd house, the individuals can choose professions like dramatist, poet or a musician. This is true that money tends to have worthless for them. But they should understand its importance otherwise they have to suffer financial problems most of the time.

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