Neptune in the 1st House

The nature of Neptune is supernatural, predictive and religious. The individuals having Neptune in 1st house tend to be more sensitive in terms of feelings. They can be hurt by very small things. Despite that, planet Neptune has the ability to sense minor changes in environment and accordingly, they can behave nicely or rudely. If Neptune in this house is powerful and it is supported from the planets Uranus and Jupiter, then there is a possibility that these individuals can have a mysterious behavior. This kind of behavior cannot be dominant in the individuals. It is only the result of circumstances and surroundings. If Neptune in this house holds weak position, the individuals can have some mental problem (like absent minded or hyperactive). But whatever may be the situation; these individuals are very romantic in nature and also, they are very emotional.

Neptune in 1st house makes the individuals interested in living a luxurious and royal life with full of strength. Such people are also lazy and have different kinds of choices. Sometimes they tend to involve in such kind of careless behavior that can result in disaster. They can also be misled and obsessed by spiritualism. They are not sure about their needs and desires. Apart from that, they are day-dreamers. As water takes the shape of the container in which it is kept. Similarly, these individuals adopt the qualities of the persons they get in touch with.

Astrology predicts that individuals having Neptune in 1st house like to heal and counsel people with their power. As they are very sensitive, they love to help others with their emotional problems. These individuals have an ability to sympathize others. They can also understand the kind of feelings other people have. They have a passion for their work. But on the other hand, they can also change themselves as per the changing environment. At times, these individuals cannot face difficulties of life and put themselves on a wrong track like alcohol, etc.

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