Neptune in the 12th House

With Neptune in 12th house, the individuals are able to understand their abilities in terms of psyche and extrasensory powers. They have parents who always appreciate these individuals for being so practical and real. From childhood, they are nurtured with the belief that they have to attain first position in every field. As a result, they grow up living in their fantasies and do not like to share it with any body else. These individuals have a tendency to visualize imaginations which they can convert for others to understand, but the limit is set by Neptune. Apart from becoming artist or story writer, they have amazing nature in which they are involved in activities that require dedication and sacrifice. At times, they behave erratically. They are unable to reveal their targets in life. But if they are full of passion, then these targets can be achieved. Neptune tends to put his true self behind the bars of imagination. 

Neptune in 12th house is the natural place for Neptune. It is the ruler of this house. Individuals who have Neptune in their twelfth house are emotional and susceptible thoughts that rule the unconscious mind. These individuals have very responsive feelings for the community they are attached to. They also have a tendency to become victims of losses, agony, misunderstandings and disorders. This house enables the individuals to convert their dreams into an artistic form. They are very sensitive about the people around them and can foresee their problems. These individuals are not at all egoistic. They usually feel powerless in some situations. For them, religion has great value. They are interested in activities which take them deeper into the religion. Apart from this, they have a tendency for escapism. Since their imagination power is so strong, they deny accepting the reality and become unwell. When they are unable to tolerate the realities of real world, they tend to run away from this bedlam in the form of drugs or alcohol.

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