Neptune in the 11th House

Individuals having Neptune in 11th house have a very gentle, calm and impractical nature. These individuals tend to have lots of friends due to their nature. They make other persons very comfortable in their company. They are smart enough that nobody can take benefit of their kind heartedness. They know their limits. When Neptune in this house does not support from other planets, then these individuals let themselves used by others. They tend to maintain peace in every relationship they have. They have a very particular choice about their friends. Usually, these individuals have a tendency to get more and more. They are not satisfied with what they are and how much they have. These individuals are centre of attraction among friends. They feel very helpless for the poor and the needy. They have to control the feeling of giving in order to avoid another feeling associated with it that they are being used. 

Neptune in 11th house indicates relation with friends and colleagues. The individuals influenced by Neptune in this house have friends who are of similar nature and beliefs. When there is dissimilarity, then the relation can be unsatisfactory and cannot go further. But this imbalance can be due to their nature or habits. They have to think and analyze the situation before entering into friendship; otherwise it is possible that same thing happens again in their life. These individuals have strong instinct to give their services to the persons in need, the persons who are without any relationship or those who are going through some financial crisis or drug addicted people. They try to help them in any way they can. This is counted as one of the good qualities in them.  

Neptune in 11th house signifies that relations can depend on each other for survival. Talking about friends, they are unable to maintain a balance in friendship most of the time. The desire to know about spiritual power is somewhat less in these individuals.

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