Neptune in the 10th House

Neptune in 10th house represents some trouble for the individuals. The individuals have to face financial problems in his life. They tend to get betrayal from other persons in terms of finances. When Neptune is in this house, the individuals show an inclination towards media world such as advertisements, to be famous publicly. These individuals can choose careers that are related to different types of organizations (prison, asylum, orphanage, etc.). Sometimes, they have to suffer from problems in their business which can be due to some outer disturbing elements. These individuals should try to take care so that their decision cannot be changed. This house reveals that the individuals have to face something strange in their profession. They have to be strong enough to bear them so that they can get success.  

Astrologers predict that individuals having Neptune in10th house tend to follow idealistic behavior. These individuals have to be down to earth to maintain the existing status. They can pursue their profession as an artist, encourager, dramatist, etc. They can also be interested in doing theatres and supernatural activities. They can be inclined to become a photographer as well. There tends to be some extrasensory powers that control their life. Whether these individuals tend to be famous depends totally on those powers. These individuals have feelings of insecurities from parental side. As a result, they are not able to judge their skills and abilities which make them not to perform well in their current professions.  

Neptune in 10th house makes the individuals confused about their profession. They have studies something and usually choose career that is totally opposite to that. On the other hand, Neptune in this house can make such individuals celebrities.

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