Moon in the Houses

Moon is an elite planet and also astrology’s queen. Moon epitomizes impregnation, emotions, milk, mind, kindness, food and hotel industry, the sea, love, old women, comforts of life and apparels. The moon is calm and cool, and takes almost 2 days to take a trip to a sign. With that speed, it is the fastest than any other planet. When the Moon is placed in the 12 houses, it

has a very momentous and substantial impact on the individual’s life. Moon shows an individual’s personality. In the presence of moon, the natives tend to indulge in welfare of the people. Good deeds come naturally to them.

Moon represents beauty and the mind - Mind is likely to be tottering. Emotions and feelings are ostensible in moon’s presence. Natives having a strong influence of Moon in their house tend to enjoy Good health and do well in businesses that deal with water bodies. Moon is a watery planet and has a strong connection with water. Some natives gain a lot from the same but if moon has a weak influence, then water bodies nay not be favourable for the natives. Moon in the houses have a positive impact on an individual. Natives are kind, intelligent and benefit from land, wealth and have beautiful children. A good influence would also mean a father’s life span will be long.

Though, some houses maybe considered as the house of loss in the presence of the moon. And natives may lose all the good significances. When the moon is in a malefic state, there can be huge loss such as loss of feelings and sense of touch or scarcity of water in a water body. The moon is friends with Jupiter, Mars and Sun and does not share a good relation with Saturn, Ketu and Rahu. Though, the Moon can sacrifice her friends for her protection.

Moon in all Houses

Moon in the 1st House
Moon in the 2nd House
Moon in the 3rd House
Moon in the 4th House
Moon in the 5th House
Moon in the 6th House
Moon in the 7th House
Moon in the 8th House
Moon in the 9th House
Moon in the 10th House
Moon in the 11th House
Moon in the 12th House

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