Moon in the 9th House

Those born with Moon in 9th house are inclined towards religious and political activities. They go for higher studies and foreign tours. They love to travel and explore the world by way of different cultures and beliefs. They are very intellectual and practical. They are very successful in their field of education. Their education is affected by their temperaments.  They have a strong intuition which helps them to know the result of an event. All this is developed in their family.  They easily cope up with different circumstances.

Moon in 9th house indicates that the person has a flair for spiritualism. He will not identify himself with his parents in any way.  He will leave the home country and will settle in foreign country in search of soul satisfaction as he will feel something missing in his present style of life. They usually dreams about living in other country which comes from their unconscious memory. They will be submissive to the importance of the current life. They are into relationships with women who have same thinking.

People with Moon in 9th house are usually dissatisfied with how they are living at present. This dissatisfaction pushes them to a new country. They make their residence in abroad. They will be interested in philosophical aspect of life.  They will find themselves secure in following a religion. Their life’s philosophy is something different. They find sports and studies more attractive. They would love to teach the subjects of their own interest.  They can go to any extent to help their students develop reasoning abilities and also the sense of right and wrong. They make their students more progressive. Whatever they do have a purpose behind it. Those who understand them and agree with them are being strongly loved by them.

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