Moon in the 8th House

An individual born with Moon in 8th house indicates that the person is self-centered and money-oriented because his emotional needs were not fulfilled in the past. Such individuals suffer parental loss during childhood.  Due to this, they are grown up as very sensitive and insecure adults. They do not feel comfortable in emotional situations and try to escape from an emotional argument. They are not aware of their own affecting needs.

The astrologers believe that Moon in 8th house of an individual makes him unlucky and he has to suffer a lot. During their middle years, they get some sort of relief from sufferings. These individuals have lots of friends who are very supportive and helpful. This house also gives many chances to restore inequalities to the individual.

People having Moon in 8th house are very closely attached with their mother. Subsequently, they find their mother very suffocative and controlling. The 8th house is a ruler of tragedies, hidden secrets and crisis. If this Moon and Pluto come together, the person can experience his mother’s death which will make him feel afraid of the worse parts of life. Such persons are highly sensitive to losses, deaths and sexual abuse. 8th house is indicator of inheritance from our ancestors. Such people are usually business men as they can easily mount up wealth.

Moon in 8th house signifies strong complexes which lies behind life associated with bad memories from past.  It indicates hatred, jealousy, depression and separation. Such individuals are aware of fore coming danger. Emotionally, these people are very intensely attached to their partners and generous too. They crave for warmth, passion, and sexual response in their relationships. Emotional anxieties can result, in case any relationship doesn’t work. You can also find that the ones with moon in 8th house have promising career as writer or musician.

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