Moon in the 7th House

A person who chooses ice cream over marriage, and his love life fluctuates from time to time is definitely a candidate of Moon in 7th house. The Moon is the symbol of mother, child, wife, home, and food. The whole family matrix… Moon is the planet of emotions. You can expect some sort of uncertainty in partnership. When Moon situated in 7th house there is some sort of change occur frequently.  It may not be caused sudden change, but more like subtle shifts, changes in mood. If a newly born baby has moon in 7th house then the baby relies a great deal upon people for emotional support. The moon represents the emotions and feelings. This is the reason why these people are more emotional in nature. In relationships, there is a sense of vulnerability and a need to be taken care of.

The seventh house is the house of relationships, marriage, partnerships and the public. It also defines cooperative interaction with others, and describes how we experience other people and what we expect and receive in our relationships. Those with the Moon in the 7th house are dependent on their mate. An individual might be over-protective and can tend to marry young.  The Moon is over-sensitive and over-adaptive to the needs of the partner. The Moon is also very sensitive to public opinion, and has strong feelings for the needs of others.

These people often have a hard time with personal relationships as their true partner is their audience. This can be the lunar position of someone who really knows how to please others.People reached at moon. But still people believe in astrology. They believe that the attitude or behavior of human is guided by stars. The people who have the similar nature in above mentioned paragraph are guided by Moon situated in 7th house.

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