Moon in the 6th House

6th house of the natal chart of a person is not considered as a good house as it represents enemy, pain, diseases, and some other bad aspects of a person’s life. However, the presence of a benefit planet like moon can reduce the harmful effect of the 6th house. Persons having moon in the 6th house of their natal charts show a great emotion and passion towards work productively. They possess a desire to lead a healthy and sane life. If you have moon at the 6th house of your natal chart, then you may change many jobs, in order to find a perfect job for you; especially, a job, which demands more from you.  

Persons having moon at the 6th house of their natal chart are generally very sensitive in nature. They are very much aware about their health. They even take minor health problems very seriously and stay aware of those. Some of the people having moon at the 6th house may suffer from hypochondriac symptoms. There is a typical character seen extensively in these persons, they exaggerate their health problems, in order to gain sympathy. These people are usually helpers to other; they try their level best to help other people, in order to improve their living. 

These persons are very sympathetic in nature and always stay in search of opportunity to help others. They enjoy helping others and fixing other’s problem. This particular nature of these persons makes them adorable and brings name and fame for themselves. If you have moon in your 6th house, then you should be aware of your female enemies, as they can do a lot of damage to you. By the way, you should feel lucky that you have a beneficial planet like moon is occupied your 6th house.

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