Moon in the 5th House

Wonder how some people love to be very flowery and emotional when it comes to the matter of heart? Then their positioning of moon in the 5th house if their horoscope is the one to blame. No doubt that love affair is very magnetic and form intense feelings, but person with moon in 5th house will never be ready to take even a small fling of love lightly and they even can go a step ahead for expressing their feelings. Their strong attachment with children makes them hero among them. Although person with 5th house moon have no confirmed hobbies but yes they are born with artistic talent. Their vivid imagination and ability to day dream is a gift to them from their moon. Such person may even try to get in touch with their inner child so often.

Moon in 5th house can even cause troubles if it is challenged by other planets. Person might feel problems due to gambling, frequent love affairs and even impulsive shopping. The position of the moon in 5th house is greatly influenced by the Sun and Ketu, which attracts its natives to make money through wrong means. They might not get involved in some business activities but are likely to be honored by the govt. However, natives of this moon position will benefit others with their knowledge and education but will not receive any good and support from them in return. 

Such person has very self destructive attitude and they can harm themselves seriously if they fail to keep their secrets from enemies. There at times greedy and selfish nature can bring negative results to them. Although, moon in 5th house natives are also blessed with the openness of a child and cheery, playful nature that sometimes attracts others to them and saves them from others wrong deeds.

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