Moon in the 4th House

If some of the people think that from where they have inherited the true sense of belonging and restlessness while they are in search of something important then blame your moon in 4th house for the same. People with such moon positioning might find themselves relocating residences quite frequently or they may tend to make changes in their home interiors very often. However, relocating so often has proved to be highly beneficial in terms of health for them as it keeps them emotionally stimulated.

Moon is the permanent residence of 4th house in the Cancer horoscope because it is the lord of the same. The natives of moon in 4th house can feel its benefits with the blessings of their mother or any elderly women. This also depicts excellent inflow of income with increased expenditures. People with moon in 4th house will attain reputed position in the society and will be honored for their deeds like providing shelter to the poor. Good education will be their positive point with ample opportunities in family business.

Such people tend to be very strong both economically and socially because their planets works for them like their sons and female planets resembles their daughters. Some of the 4th house moon natives are likely to remain a bit immature on emotional level and the bad thing is they never even want to grow up and look after themselves. Their bonding with family, traditions and their past remains strong throughout their life. This place of moon in horoscope makes its natives usually feel ease in the homely environment as they always remain in search of security and familiarity. Their moodiness, sense of insecurity and defensive emotions are their main negative points. Placing a pitcher of milk in the house before starting any auspicious work will bring happiness to the people with moon in 4th house.

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