Moon in the 3rd House

Communicative, responsive and curious are the few main characteristics that suggest that the person having all these traits has moon in the 3rd house. Their inborn talent of imitating others perfectly and also their ability to learn different languages with ease gives them intellectual status in the society. They hide their emotions and refrain from feeling or dealing with them, sometimes they even tend to behave excessively in emotional matters. Moon in 3rd house also helps people having the same in striking a good balance in their life with the years they grow and get matured.

The 3rd house positioning of moon in a person’s horoscope also shows that that persons opinions keep on changing and are mostly highly influenced by the ideas and opinions of others. They sometimes tend to express others opinions as their own. This is due to the fact that such people often fail to understand their own feelings and thoughts; they often become extremely sensitive about others view points. Nervousness, restlessness, urge for frequent location changes even though they local ones forms a complete human being having moon in the 3rd house of their horoscope.

People with such moon positioning are advised not to take benefit of their daughters’ wealth and money as it may go against them. 3rd house moon location is highly influenced by the positions of Mars and Mercury that makes them solely responsible for their decisions taken emotionally. They may pretend to be rational and prejudiced as their intuitions have great influence over their thoughts and feelings. Their higher education opportunities ensure to yield good financial returns in the future, which lead them to live lavish life. Worshipping goddess Durga will bring good luck for the people with moon in 3rd house. Their moon bestows them with long life and native richness.

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