Moon in the 2nd House

All those people who are particularly prone to periodic financial fluctuations will be none other than the moon in the 2nd house. Such a planetary position is indicative of an instinctive concern and desire for material possessions and comforts. In fact, such people tend to associate their personal and emotional security with the extent of their possessions. They often hoard their belongings, particularly antiques or something with sentimental value attached to it, as these are directly related to their self esteem and happiness. This is often a very damaging approach, and a very strong desire to constantly acquire money, harms such people in the long run.  

Those with moon in the 2nd house are usually shrewd and calculative. There is a very common trait of clinging and holding onto, not only money and matter, but also people and family. In certain cases, it may assume the severity of invading others’ privacy. They are driven by the constant quest for approval and admiration, and the short sightedness in recognizing one’s own self worth. Usually such people do not display the full spectrum of human emotion; they can be very distant and guarded. Most of their actions and reactions are based on deliberation, for they do not wish to be despised or disliked by anyone.  

Mostly, people with the moon in the 2nd house are very attractive and sensual. They can often be slightly overweight. Such people may have an artistic or creative orientation, though these are rarely the fields from where finances are derived. Money usually comes from women, real estate, food and drinks dispensing, politics and public assistance services, amongst others. Rich business acumen may also be an inherent or acquired trait. People of this nature are those who will spend their entire lifetime in earning money and possessions, but never stop to enjoy their utility and benefits.

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