Moon in the 1st House

A person with moon in the 1st house is completely governed by emotions. Often hypersensitive and biased, such people rarely act based on prudential considerations. Males and females of this nature are very responsive to their surrounds and can easily adapt themselves to momentary requirements. They are perceived as easy going and accommodative, and are therefore, usually well liked. However, frequent mood swings cause them to be unreasonable and irritable, particularly with those close to them. Often they take inconsequential things very personally and react rashly. Hiding emotions, for such people, is literally, next to impossible.

Indecision and a perpetual state of confusion are common to those who have the moon in the 1st house. They lack the ability to make independent judgments and are easily influenced by those around them. This is often driven by a desire to seek approval and gain acceptance. With a wavering mind and constant state of restlessness, such people tend to prolong impending decisions and procrastinate in all spheres of their life. Though some of these people are easily stressed, mostly they look to renounce all their worries and, thus, live in the moment.

All those with the moon in 1st house tend to be very close to their mother. They are usually exceptionally attractive and are known to have a very sharp memory. They are fond of food and generally gain weight very quickly. They also enjoy watery places, like lakes, rivers, beaches and oceans.

With their highly sensitive outlook, those with moon in the 1st house come across as gentle, nurturing human beings. They have the general demeanor of one who will help even strangers in need, be very opinionated on issues close to their heart and always refrain from being an obstruction in anyone’s path. These people are particularly invaluable when one needs a shoulder to cry on or some well deserved sympathy.

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