Moon in the 12th House

The 12th House signifies a rather pessimistic and dark event in the astrological calendar of many people. It has been noted by astrologers and almanacs that whenever any planet or celestial body has been found on the 12th house, there have been disasters for people. However, in certain cases, people have benefited from the 12th house. And, the astrologers would advise on a number of ways to get rid of the misfortunes of the 12th House. Let’s see now what the Moon in 12th House holds for people. 

The sign of a Moon in 12th House also says a lot about the personal characteristics including the personality and character. So, the ones having Moon in 12th House are vulnerable and insecure. Also, they are sensitive and extremely diffused. The Moon in 12th House would go ahead to suggest that a person prefers to live in a particular comfort zone of his hidden feelings and desires. Moreover, ones with moon in 12th house would be confronted with such feelings and doubts. They may seek the comfort of your family and friends, at times. However, for the rest of the time, they will be happy to be in your own thoughts and dreams. They will not reveal many of your secrets and thoughts.

A man having the Moon in 12th House means that he will be torn apart between the inner femininity and masculinity. Sometimes, he would feel the need for a woman and then at times would feel the need for the support of your male friends. Another consequence of the Moon in 12th House is that an individual will be compelled and urged to be a little sympathetic and benevolent to people. This benevolence will get them more friends and supportive relatives. Most of the people having moon in 12th house are shy and can suffer from claustrophobia.

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