Moon in the 11th House

When the moon is the master of eleventh house, the person is ought to develop loyal relationship with many people around him. These people can change according to the needs of their companion as to appease him with what he hankers for. They are affectionate about spending most of their life with a friend or social circle and always crave for support from them to believe in what they are doing. They are vulnerable for any requirement of change and can experience fluctuations in their success or income.

They are accustomed of making many friends especially females but only few seem to be close to their heart. The moon in 11th house signifies indulgence in unconventional and reformative activities. They are nurturing at times when their closed ones are suffering from stress. Such natives are sensitive to others’ emotions and they have got a strong intuitive power which may indicate psychic ability. They die for the kudos of gathered audience and are intimate in their relationship especially with friends. They represent themselves by achieving their goals and by coming out with their own ideas and preferences. The friends that are not much attached to them are with them because they are beneficial for them.

With the moon in 11th house, the people are more concerned with their imaginations of reforming the world in a better way. They are the endeavors which can bring out a retrieved reformation with their deeds and the support from the society. They are more associated to social change and general public for achieving their criteria. They ought to gain affluence with time and also stand in terms of popularity and friendships. They must work with others on humanitarian efforts. They reveal their real identity on account of their real idealistic and illusory activities.

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