Mercury in the Houses

Known as the Divine Messenger, Mercury in the houses governs one’s mentality – their ability to think and communicate. It determines how a person perceives the events and people around, and thus how he assesses his internal and external environment. This planet closest to the sun, is astrologically responsible for one’s analytical ability and mental reasoning in all the houses. At the same time, Mercury also regulates the ability

to express thoughts and emotions, communicate feelings and articulate anything, both verbally and in written. Thus, those inclined towards writing, poetry, journalism, business and marketing are likely to have strong mercury.

Mercury in the houses is known to be the ruler of hands and, therefore, also influences manual dexterity and mechanical skills. Thus, it determines the extent of one’s proficiency at arts like sculpting, painting, instrumental talents, even engineering. While well aspect Mercury in the houses will indicate much aptitude for such manual jobs, when negatively aspect, it leads to acquisition of traits like dishonesty, deception, trickery, fraud and pick pocketing. Given the links to one’s thought process and mental capabilities, this planet also governs one’s education and schooling. It further determines one’s relations with neighbours and siblings.

The planetary position of mercury in the houses also affects a person’s inclination towards travel. It rules over how much one will travel, for what purposes and with what outcome. This ‘travel’ includes that of the spiritual dimension as well, and determines how one will regard the concepts of life and death, love, hate, friendship, and so on. Often, thinkers and philosophers have strong Mercury that enables novelty of thoughts and opinions. Moreover, Mercury, as an astrological component, is also indicative of a certain degree of healing ability – possibly indicating an inherent skill to transfer healing energies between the victim and therapist. Thus, mercury is the master of the mind, and rules various aspects of one’s outward personality.

Mercury in all Houses

Mercury in the 1st House
Mercury in the 2nd House
Mercury in the 3rd House
Mercury in the 4th House
Mercury in the 5th House
Mercury in the 6th House
Mercury in the 7th House
Mercury in the 8th House
Mercury in the 9th House
Mercury in the 10th House
Mercury in the 11th House
Mercury in the 12th House

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