Mercury in the 9th House

The ancient Vedas claim that in any individual’s horoscope, the 9th House spells an impasse of thought and imagination. For most of the time, Vedic scholars and astrologers have found that people, whose stars and planets are in the 9th House, have been evidenced to be creative, thoughtful, considerate and curious. There have been cases when the 9th House has signified a sense of predicament and confusion for some people. However, a good deal of the planets and stars in the 9th House indicate qualities of independent thought, creativity and freedom of expression. So, now, let’s see what the Mercury in the 9th House has to offer and indicate. 

If a certain person finds out in his Vedic horoscope that the Mercury is in the 9th House, then he can know a lot about his mental capacities. At such a position, the fortunes and indications of the Mercury are not much different than those of other stars and planets. Like the Sun in a similar position, the Mercury points out the person’s zeal and desire for more knowledge about humanity and nature. Unlike the indications of planets like Uranus and Mars, however, the Mercury in the 9th House indicates that the person’s mind is more stable and practical.

This means that an individual with the Mercury in the 9th House is someone, who is liberal minded, highly inquisitive and willing to explore new frontiers of knowledge and experience. Such people are, however, also practical in their approach. This implies that they will carefully and methodically plan their pursuits of knowledge. For instance, a person with the Mercury in the 9th House would decide his field of interest and would then join a proper course for achieving the knowledge about that field. Such an individual would also be decisive about the choice of a career. Even during a journey or a tour, he would plan out everything, in order to know more and think reflectively.

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