Mercury in the 8th House

Mercury in 8th house concentrates mind in diagnosis, research, investigation, sex, death and legacies. One likes to distinguish and even influence motivations. Relationship frequently involves mental work, and one can learn from the values of others. They may be concerned in psychic, mystical things, and the occult.

They concentrate on communication and depth of thought. These individuals need intellectual intimacy and deep communication in relationships. They get pleasure from sharing their darkest, deepest secrets with others and need others to open up to them verbally. They often keep their feelings to themselves for dread that others will not understand them. These individuals often reflect about death and their own mortality and at times fret about this topic. They have a sharp tongue and an insightful mind.

This position of Mercury confers strength in conversation and in easy dealing with others emotional states. It is a common position amongst grief counselors. Then spiritual remedies are frequently required to emotional situations and likely there is to be a fussy interest in channeled wisdom. They have talent and can do well in analysis, tax preparation, insurance and perhaps detective work. They want to get to the inside of a story as of where, who, what, and why. They are born investigators and may tend to fret over fluctuating finances. Their mind may be reoccupied with magic, death, sex, healing, or psychic phenomena.

They’re intensely analytical, curious, and probing of all people, subjects, and things that come within range. Basically, they want to know what makes people tick and what motivates them. Their opinions have a transforming impact on the minds of others. There are possible respiratory illnesses with Mercury in your eighth house, so smoking is not recommended. Other people's resources are emphasized here, so they're concerned with their partner’s finances, and may achieve through inheritance. Inspect all contracts and documents fully. A position of Mercury to the 8th House presents a perspective, which is colored by extreme emotional results.

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