Mercury in the 7th House

Mercury in 7th house makes the person admired in literacy and methodical circles. It is a fine alignment for the public speakers and all those who are involved in public affairs. But, if Mercury is affected, the Seventh House alignment conveys a great deal of aggressive criticism of a public nature and is likely to involve the person in lawsuit either to guard them against slander from others or on relation of libel. They indicate a flourishing marriage to a family member or a co-worker.

The first of the social houses, the seventh house is contradicting to the first house literally and in emphasis: in the first house they put the energies into the world; in the seventh the world puts energy back into them. The point of the seventh house is to bring about better self-awareness through connecting to what they experience as being outsider. This may indeed bring out energy within them that they might have neglected out of fear or the need to experience it more objectively or externally. This is called projection, and they seek projected pieces of themselves in their cherished relationships.

They have the tendency to converse and think about issues related to partners or equals. They probably prefer to work with others on solving hindrances through discussion and the sharing of opinion. They prefer a knowledgeable or talkative partner. They are good at dealing with the audience, mainly on a head on basis, and so any activity concerning head on dealings, including opinion and counseling are suitable. They are concerned with equality and balance. Apart from that, they are also ready for action, and probably enjoy activities that require mental or verbal competition, such as debating.

Mercury in the seventh house centers the mind on affairs, marriage and partnership. They like to respond to ideas and having mental relations. One's partners will tend to be intellectual, communicative, and youthful. One learns from others especially through conversation and give and take.

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