Mercury in the 6th House

Position of Mercury in 6th house is very dignified. Ones in this house have the potential to stand on their own.  They will get success if they invest money in farming, printing and business. Whatever they say either good or bad will become true. They will be honored by high authorities. Also, they might not get education so easily. They have to face difficulties to achieve their end goals. Individuals in this house like to show off. They can be arrogant by nature and might create misunderstandings between people. These individuals have capability of writing (books, etc.). 

If planet Mars is not in favor of Mercury, then the person will be infected by any kind of skin disorder (such as leprosy). If Saturn is combined with Mercury in this house, the individual will have a tendency to develop another kind of diseases.  They are usually quarrelsome in nature. They will fight with people they hate.  If position of Mercury is strong in this house, then the person will be physically weak and will not be able to fight. But if Mercury is placed weakly, then the person will be physically strong and able to defend his enemies.

Mercury in 6th house makes a person develop various skills and so ones in this house might get into a variety of activities. They will always consider their task as very urgent.  Their work is their first priority and they will put all his concentration to complete the work.  This is one of the best qualities of Mercury in this house.  Mercury also represents the nervous system of one’s body.  Whatever a person receives or perceives is an effect of Mercury in that house.  The person will be analytical and critical by nature.  Most of them will have interest in science and technology.

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