Mercury in the 5th House

Mercury in 5th house makes a person clever and intelligent. Ones lying in this house will always be happy whatever the situation is. They will have great power in their tongue.  Astrology predicts that if Jupiter and Moon are not situated strongly in any house, then it will affect the nature of Mercury.  If individuals in this house want to become wealthy, then they should wear jewelry made of copper. Most of the people in this house are concerned about their education, happiness and fun activities. They have a creative mind.  They have interest in drama and comprehension. These individuals are result oriented especially when it comes to higher studies.  If Mars and Uranus are in favour of Mercury in this house, then it will help the person to become an engineer of scientist. If Neptune is associated with Mercury, then the person will be interested in spiritualism (holy or evil). 

Mercury in 5th house compels an individual towards high education aspects. Their mind will always be thinking about studies, entertainment, and family. If Jupiter and Saturn come along with Mercury in this house, then the person will get success in the field of education, printing/ packaging and civic recreation. If the planets Venus or Mars are associated with Mercury in bad manner, then the person will become rigid and rude in nature. Ones in this house will feel very possessive about those they love whether their partner or children. They are bothered about the external issues related to their children. If Sun is in favor of Mercury, then they will choose Government job as their career. And there are usually no tensions about money forever as they are eligible for pension after their retirement. Mercury remains in each house for a short period of time. But at times, it becomes conservative which in turns affects its stability in various houses. It totally affects the life of the person.

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