Mercury in the 4th House

According to astrology, Mercury in 4th house makes a person very lucky. These persons are very affectionate towards their mother. They tend to be good businessmen. But, the bad thing is that when Mercury is in the fourth house of an individual, the persons related are badly affected in terms of money and health issues. Ones lying in this house should wear jewelry made of silver and gold if they want to be rich. They usually are very active. Their nature will be cool and they will not get angry easily. As far as their appearance is concerned, they have eyes, wide and beautiful. They get all the favor from their parents. Apart from them, they are quick learners.

Mercury in 4th house makes these individuals learn things very easily. They have various properties and generally like to be surrounded by lots of friends.  They probably have a happy go lucky kind of attitude. They love to wear good quality apparels. Moreover, they are intelligent. They enjoy their life to the fullest. As they are good at accounts, they can choose accounting as their career in various government departments. Also, they won’t get anything from their grandfather, so they will have to work hard and earn on their own. They might generate an interest towards becoming politicians. Their sharp mind is sure to get them name and fame. Usually, they are likely to give birth to more than two children but they might have to wait longer for the same.  Their education will be high and at times, they can tend to be mean. 

Mercury in 4th house makes these individuals family oriented. They mostly like to spend time with their family and friends. Most of them are loyal to his partner. It is very difficult for them to shift their house from one place to another.

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