Mercury in the 3rd House

According to astrology, with Mercury in 3rd house, these people will spend their life very happily with their brothers and sisters. They will have the capacity to buy their own land. The person will become rich very early. Good qualities will rule them. If the Mercury is in a strong position, the brothers will also be long-lived. Ones lying in this house will be very brave to fight with any one. They have a sharp brain. For them education will be of value. 

Astrologers predict that Mercury in 3rd house is not good. Mercury is not in favor of Mars. On the other hand, Mars do not show any opposition to Mercury.  As a result, these people will get love, affection and support from their sibling but in turn the siblings will suffer loss due to the persons Mercury in 3rd house. It will also have an adverse on the father’s health. Their monthly earning will also get affected. They can follow some simple steps to reduce its effect to some extent.  They should feed the birds (pigeon, crow, and sparrow) everyday.  Also, they should buy a goat and give it to someone for free of cost.

Ones lying in Mercury in 3rd house will be ambitious and quick learners.  They can open their own detective agency due to their problem solving attitude. They can also choose a profession of accountancy as they are good at mathematics.  If Venus is combined with Mercury in this house, they can prove great musicians. If Neptune is combined with Mercury, they might become good astrologers. These people have different hobbies. As they have good communication skills, they can become good speakers. If Mercury is weak in third house, the person looses hope and goes into depression. Mostly, these people express their emotions through writing. Nevertheless, they are people with immense talent.

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