Mercury in the 2nd House

As per the astrologers, Mercury in the 2nd house makes an individual a destroyer of enemies and cheaters. They have a strong bonding with their father and try to give them all the happiness. The individual will be wealthy. The determination of people lying in this house has a strong determination power. They possess many qualities and are satisfied with what they have. The person will have interest in poetry.  They will like sweets a lot.  Also, morality comes first for them. You can find that most of the people are very famous personalities. 

Mercury in 2nd house makes brain of an individual focused. The person will have faith in values and can become a great writer because of strong imagination power.  If the persons can adapt themselves to the surroundings, they can get great benefits in terms of money and goods. They have the ability to debate. Astrologers predict that there is an increase in regular income. These individuals are very practical. Their mind is always engaged in how to make more money. Mercury in 2nd house is a house of finance and possession. At this time, the individual is busy in making money. 

The persons strongly believe in values and emotions. Their speed of thinking is quite fast. They are quite expert in business and sales transactions. They use their brain for business events. They can also become economists or professional communicators with these qualities and can reach great heights. They are more practical than emotional. They think with mind and heart both. When necessary, they listen to their heart first. Mercury has a nature that it gives both sides of a coin equal value. They will always listen to their rival or enemy and give them a chance to justify themselves. This is very amazing about Mercury in 2nd house. They can become a successful politician as he gets things done either by hook or crook. When Mercury is combined with Jupiter, the person gives a fair decision.  Without Jupiter, the person has a tendency to become lawyer and with Jupiter, the person will become Judge.

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