Mercury in the 1st House

Mercury in 1st house makes an individual generous and entertaining. They are generally interested in politics and administration. They live a healthy and long life.  These persons are also self-centered. Most of them like non-veg and alcohol. They have various sources of money. Also, they become rich in very short period of time. Mercury in 1st house makes a person able to impress others easily with his good communication skills. They usually love to study and generally get married in early 20s.  Most of them are a follower of spiritualism and able to help the people from bad souls. The person is a traveler and can suffer from skin diseases (eye disease) and also jaundice. Apart from that, they also like astrology. One of the body parts can have defect.

Mercury in 1st house can make a person get lot of affection from his siblings. The person will loose interest in sex. They will be a good mathematicians and good learners too. Most of them will have understanding of mantras and shastras. These persons will be intellectual with good written skills as Mercury signifies thinking, perception and communication.  They can also become great physicians. Ones lying in this house can very well use their brain for expression (emotions and physical). Since, Mercury symbolizes speed and motion, the person learns things very easily. They always compete with their class mates, siblings and cousins.  They have the ability to cope up in all circumstances. The person is versatile with skill orientation. Mercury is attached to the body nerves. It affects the perception of the world by the individual. They like to meditate. The person is energetic, curious, clever, talkative and intelligent. The person is always open to new knowledge with persuasion.

Mercury in 1st house makes an individual alert and attentive. They are aware of what is happening in the world and nearby. They are smart enough to lead a group. The person has presence of mind with analysis skills. With good communication skills, these people have capability to become good business men, sales executives, advisors, counselors, etc.

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