Mercury in the 12th House

Mercury is the planet, which is responsible for the speech of a person; when that mercury is placed at 12th house that means the house of loss, the speech of that particular person suffers the most. People find it difficult to understand the speech of a person, whose mercury is placed at the 12th house of the horoscope. So, it is advisable to people having mercury in the 12th house of their natal chart to speak as less as possible, as their speech causes boredom and monotony for others. They can use writing over their speaking, in order to communicate with people.  

People having mercury placed at the 12th house of their natal chart, generally have an intuitive, perceptive, and subtle mind. They possess a great interest for the meta-physical world. As far as grasping a new idea or lesson is concern, persons having mercury at the 12th house of their natal chart are far ahead that others. They possess the ability to grasp in a lightening fast speed. These persons are more secretive than the person, whose mercury is placed anywhere else than the 12th house of their natal chart. It is not at all easy to see deeper into these people’s brain, as they can conceal facts easily.  

Persons having mercury in the 12th house of their natal chart should stay aware of the secret enemies, as they can cause lots of damage. These persons lack confidence in themselves, more often than not. If you are a person, you should be aware of that fact and try to build self-confidence anyhow, as without that you can not go far or achieve the goals of your life. Last but not the least, these persons are more prone to suffer from diseases in ears, so they should remain careful to that.  

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