Mercury in the 11th House

Mercury in the 11th house has a propensity to give heaps of associates darting into and out of life. They have a unique, wide-ranged, flexible and intellectual mind. Their goals are obtained through the use of their mind. They choose friends who stimulate their mind, perhaps younger friends. They find it stimulating to converse with their friends who share opposing views. They could be the spokesperson or secretary for their desired group or organization. Their associates are probably writers, travelers, or talkers. And in order to keep them changing, writing is an excellent way of expressing their hopes and wishes. This position has a propensity to make them skeptical and critical. It hones their intellect, however, and gives them a good command of language.

The presence of Mercury as a lord of 11th house is called by classical astrologers as the House of Good Spirit, which controls a person’s income, friends, society, community, favorite, goals, wishes, desires and their accomplishment, gains of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, profits, richness, etc. Their psychological and communicative abilities will be largely applied to the pursuit of truth and deep understanding, through the psychological companionship of friends within the social organization in a teach-and-learn situation. This position of Mercury build up the intelligence, gives a good memory and a strong, broad intellect able to do much tough work. Perceptive approach and original interpretation ability produce the occasional touch of brilliance - they often understand issues that others find quite perplexing. Their goal and unique thinking can be utilized for the precise exploration of complex metaphysical perception and humanitarian ideals - or other deep matters that could lead civilization towards a better future. 

Ambitious and works hard to earn more money and a better social position.  They are clever in approach, winning over enemies if any. However, the presence of Mercury in 11th house does not give several enemies.

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