Mercury in the 10th House

With Mercury in 10th house, communication and expression of ideas can be successfully done in public, as thoughts and ideas are nothing short of practical and their perspective makes some form of supervision and management almost inevitable. They show flexibility and creativity that enables the individual to handle with all the unforeseen events of life. When it comes to business and career, they have a mind that just can't help but take care of business. Persons having mercury in the tenth house of their natal chart have a great chance to have career in transportation or communication industry. This placement of mercury is really favorable for a public speaker, writer, a salesperson, a radio or TV newscaster. They have an alert, practical, steady mind for thinking ambitiously and are success oriented. If Mercury is positioned in one of the spacious signs the influence of expression is greatly improved. Often individuals with Mercury in this place have several occupations, but typically they do well best in an assistant capacity.

They think a lot about their business or career matters, or their profession entails more verbal communication than customary through this succession. They show with authority and pride particularly during this period, and they show more accountability than the necessary for how and what they communicate. Their ideas have every chances of coming into public view. The power of speech should be used to influence authority figures by these people, as they are eloquent. This is a great placement of mercury for having an excellent career and subtle professional strategies or plans. These persons usually seek advices and opinions from learned people, when they find anything intriguing. Although friendly and ready to communicate and speak, they are less prone towards conversing about frolicsome matters. They are inclined to think about their place or mostly leaning on a professional level, every now and then. They are possibly doing a number of multi-tasking efforts concerning business and career matters. Negative exercise of this ability may be to worry pointlessly about their status, duties, and responsibilities.

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