Mars in the Houses

Mars flanks the external-most trajectory orbit of the Earth and thus has more resemblance to the Earth than every erstwhile planet recognized, with scope of a primordial life exposed there in recent times. Distinctive from the other interior planets and heavenly bodies such as Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon, the presence of Mars in the houses of the natal chart corresponds to external, superficial deeds and events.

Often depicted by

a red hue, it is time and again viewed as a symbol of fire and energy, as well as power and aggression. As a governing body of Aries, the principal fire sign, it is a highly energetic and lively planet. Also, as a ruler of Scorpio, it represents power, sex, greed and death. Frequently denoted by the characteristics of the masculine race, represented by a sword and shield, it symbolizes the predominantly male qualities and features of violent behaviour and bravery, in great divergence from the symbolism proffered by Venus, a primarily feminine sign.

Regarding physical activity, Mars’ position in the houses corresponds with the sinews and muscles of the human body, facilitating movement, action and motion. Justifiably, the procedure of muscle and body maturity in this logic is a highly masculine attribute, symbolic of Mars. It also relays spiritual motivation for realization of individual wishes, providing the required vigour that stimulates one into action.

As the epitome of battle, belligerence and aggressiveness as well as strength and labour, Mars is regarded as an inconsequential but strongly malefic sign in the study of horoscopes and astronomy, only second to Saturn in matters of negativity and detriment. The astronomical arrangement of Mars embodies the largely dynamic fraction of life ahead of the old age symbolised by Jupiter, and gets initiated only once the period of courtship with the overtly passionate Venus fires up.

Mars in all Houses

Mars in the 1st House
Mars in the 2nd House
Mars in the 3rd House
Mars in the 4th House
Mars in the 5th House
Mars in the 6th House
Mars in the 7th House
Mars in the 8th House
Mars in the 9th House
Mars in the 10th House
Mars in the 11th House
Mars in the 12th House

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