Mars in the 9th House

Mars in 9th house symbolizes its presence in the house of mind expansion. Natives of mars in 9th house loves learning and always remain enthusiastic about discussions and arguments. Person with this mars position may prefer traveling to unusual places for learning new things and gaining knowledge about different cultures. They also tend to maintain their practice of traveling through the study of subjects or with the help of their mind. Such people love to explore foreign places and usually end up exploring them via very unusual means of transport. One best thing about such people is that they are very much aware of the last frontier of their traveling and stick to their goals till the end. If someone offers them a chance to travel to space they will surely jump over the opportunity and do their best to bring out the most of it. However, they are like to face difficulties in dealing with foreign people.

When it comes to lending advice, people with mars in 9th house end up being dictator rather than listening and understanding others situations. Though their philosophy remains liberal throughout their life but they become highly intolerant when their philosophy is challenged and they rather enjoy the argument that comes as an immediate reaction of their challenge. They are likely to face problems with the siblings of their life partner as they are not able to bear their argumentative attitude.

Mars in 9th house natives prefer traveling not only for learning purpose but also for religious and philosophical beliefs. Their courage about their convictions and their forceful approach for making their ideas clear makes them winner in the society. They possess the indispensable charm of swaying others with their philosophy and they tend to get very upset if they fail to do so. Their aggressiveness in pursuing good education for personal and professional development makes them excellent professionals.

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