Mars in the 7th House

Mars in 7th house generally denotes mars in the house of partners. Person with mars in 7th house of their zodiac chart are tend to give more emphasis to themselves in their relationships over the others. In marital relations people with this placement of mars are likely to give lot of energy and effort to their relation as their partner may be argumentative at times. Such people love to be independent and find it difficult to manage things with others. They always want to be a leader.

Person with mars in 7th house should always try to be extra charming to the people rather than being direct because it will benefit them. They should learn to make compromises as their confrontational attitude may turn people against them, so they should try to be diplomatic. Their ability to work hard on their relations like marriage makes them stand behind their partner for the lifetime. Such people tend to create a heroic image for themselves and certainly remain true to their spouse and friends.

However, the positioning of mars in the 7th house of the people might let them face problems in marital relations and also business dealings. They are likely to get married at very young age or in hush situation without any future thought. Those with this mars positioning may also face aggressive and impulsive behaviors from spouse, friends, business associates because of their nature the strain in relations is quite predictable. With mars in 7th house, their natives make excellent professionals in sales and marketing field due to their competitive nature. They have learned the tactics of dealing with tough business associates with their experiences of their life which is highly required for being good sales professional. Their competitive spirit will let them touch the horizons of success in their profession.

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