Mars in the 6th House

Persons having Mars in 6th house possess an excellent mechanical aptitude, as well as employ a great deal of energy in the work. This course is basically the reason for which they may need to put some labor on collaborating with the fellow employees and to revere for their methods of approaching things; or else they can create a lot of problem by their annoyed or irritable behavior. They are regularly diligent, methodical, expert with technology, and well-organized. They have a strong will to be a healer and aid to others. Very full of life on the job, but can deal with high levels of aggravation, when things go incorrect. They deal with their day with a lot of will power and they hate to waste time and can be disciplined, with a keen eye for details.

The Mars in sixth house alignment confirms that the person is a hard and lively worker. They don't falter to make use of themselves in their work and have no patience for tardiness with those, whom they work with. The style of work they do may differ based on other aspects on the chart. No matter what it is, they are likely to be one showing an excellent deal of lashing energy in their efforts. They have aggressive penchant in their chosen profession that might cause troubles for their colleagues.

If they do not learn to control their anger, they may find it complicated to exist pleasantly with colleagues. They are strict, but sometimes over worried with details that may cause them to ignore the major subject. They strive to work hard, sometimes to the point of fatigue. They can be very adaptable at managing and re-organizing, arrangement, categorizing, and evaluation. With Mars lying in 6th house, the people get more susceptible to health problems.

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