Mars in the 4th House

Mars in 4th house alignment explains energies spent at home and family. They have a swift drive for safety, and may have a powerful logic of nationalism. This alignment usually shows many relative’s fight and quarrel, and most people with this alignment of Mars prefer not to get married. This is also the alignment for the lively do-it-yourself repairman, always hectic fixing up or busy in home improvement. As this alignment is also linked to the earth, there may be enthusiasm in environmental and natural movements, probably expressed in an active or aggressive way. Physically, this alignment is beneficial, since they are expected to retain a strong foundation, even into old age. They thrive on house-centered works, and family life can be extreme, or even volatile. They have an enthusiasm in history, ancestry and family traditions. "Mother" is often the cause of argument, and probably their toughest lecturer in life.

They are sternly defensive of their close acquaintances and family. Rage may be intensely felt and probably deeply buried, and it can be very difficult for others to uncover their exact purpose. They might be flaccid-aggressive in their advance, which could lead to resentments if they are not cautious or certain enough to take a more direct approach to receiving what they wish for. Family dynamics are lively and often powerful. Concerning family members, they may regularly have quarrels with them, about them, or with themselves! They probably have much liveliness for household development or activities. Their actions are often dominated by intuition, and don't welcome being controlled or obligated into doing something that doesn't come from their gut. They might try to rule or settle on the home front, or frequently take on a leadership task at home and with relatives.

Their emotional build and intuitive self-image found on childhood experiences are recognized in the fourth house. From these experiences they practiced their intellect of belonging and their capability to receive - and/or a sense of isolation and complexity or coldness in receiving.

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