Mars in the 3rd House

Mars in 3rd house placement represents a hostile, active understanding. They are quick thinkers and practical, but sometimes jump to conclusions a little aggressively. Their speech is straight, quick and probable to come into an argument with the family members, and when this happens, they never point out their personal mistakes. They are always hasty, drive too swift, and they get a little too tense when caught in traffic. In matters of intellect, they are highly aggressive. Wordy, fast-talker, like to be in motion, always learning, influential, inspiring, sociable to strangers & associates, socially interested, and enjoy fast-paced and varied environment. They can have a wiry, nervous temperament that benefits from living a balanced life. 

Ones having Mars in 3rd house are straightforward, sometimes aiming from the hip when it comes to stating their thoughts and opinions. They have the tendency to learn a lot about a selection of issue, and like to share that idea with others; sometimes to aggressively. They are usually very straight and clear when it comes to socializing. They can effortlessly get worked up about what others might take as trivial issues. They love a good debate. Whether they know it or not, or no matter their purpose, they can be confrontational in their communication manner. They are likely capable of manual agility, although they probably easily become irritated with responsibilities. At their best, they are passionate, energetic, and active in the manner they express themselves, and this can motivate others. They will ardently support their opinions and values, as well as their relatives and youth.

They have a lot to say on almost any topic, and can be really enlightening, or merely disrupting. Individuals with mars in 3rd house may take a variation of views as a personal affront because of their strong beliefs, but keep in mind that someone else may have something important to share, so is worth to pay attention. No one is enhanced than them at presenting their thoughts. As long as they remain certain, rather than "arrogant," they'll always get a listener to contribute to their store of ideas.

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