Mars in the 2nd House

Mars in 2nd house placement proposes that energies are used in the pursuit of financial and material gains, and in this regard they are very resourceful. They act on values and move forward from a sense of self-respect and self-worth. They are sensualist, with a strong appreciation and constitution for beautiful things. They are strongly driven to earn wealth and a similarly strong impulse to spend it. They are competitive and aggressive in business and finance, and may be well qualified and inclined toward owning their own business. Individuals with Mars in 2nd house are not afraid of taking a risk to meet their financial goals. In a business sense, they are very competitive individuals.

The second house represents both outer and inner resources. They draw on mental and emotional inner resources in coping and dealing with the circumstances which life offers. Their outer resources are their physical possessions and finances: movable assets and property that they own. These assets form their sense of security. Some of them identify with what they own; others with what they are. This is what they value, and it attracts to them what they value. Thus the second house is where they build in true value and their power of attraction.

They are likely to be a hard worker, though they are grateful and appreciate the process and might be slower than some. They tend to focus on the method and gain knowledge of each step deliberately and carefully. They are keen on producing things of practical value and can be quite overprotective, both of people and material things. They like a physical challenge, and their energy and physical abilities comprise a strong part of their sense of self-worth. They like to work independently, and value things greatly when they have accomplished something on their own. The five senses world is most important to them on sexual and sensual levels. They have a strong stamina with hearty appetite and defend and protect their values passionately.

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