Mars in the 1st House

Mars in 1st house can influence lots of personal presence and power. People with Mars in 1st House want to make an impact. Action without thinking can put them in danger. They are physically assertive, charismatic, energetic, visibly motivated, can have reddish or flushed complexion, competitive, active in childhood, energizing to be around, and at times provocative. Their reactions to new situation and circumstances are immediate. They tend to start new endeavors with passion, albeit follow-through is not essentially indicated by this position alone. Some of them might be inconsiderate, rash, and may be headstrong. They can be sternly independent, audacious, outspoken dynamic, masculine, and they are usually straightforward and direct. Spontaneity is tremendously important to them. Some of them might stir up a commotion, whether unconsciously or consciously, when they are bored.

They have a lot of energy and require a constructive location to deposit it. They’re independent, assertive, fearless, self-confident, headstrong, and have a positive desire to dominate their environment, and have immense recuperative ability. If Mars is affected, they need to watch their temper, accidents, an overblown ego, and possible violence. They have a powerful drive to be seen and known to communicate themselves to others. Their personal appearance (the way they present themselves) is important to them.

Astronomically, the first house refers to that one-twelfth region or sector of the local sky beneath the eastern horizon that planetary bodies occupy two hours before rising. Astrologically it signifies early childhood conditioning, describes self-awareness and the skill most necessary for its progress. The first house is the facade they wear in relating to and projecting themselves into the world. It rules physical manifestation, conscious self-image, body type, and how others experience and see them. It’s the window through which they view the world, and through which others acquired and received their first impressions of them.

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