Mars in the 12th House

Mars in 12th house or mars in the house of ends is related to the people who remain secretly assertive in their non-personal matters. They try to conceal their anger because of their tendency to keep on arguing and creating unnecessary conflicts. They keep on suppressing their anger and also smoulder it which sometimes explode in terrible anger and becomes uncontrollable. This state of mind of the natives of mars in 12th house indicates their passive aggressiveness. They tend to work alone and secluded specially for the goals of which they are sure to attain, which might look unattainable for others.  They are at times centered by the anxiety about their own ambitions due to their tendency of self less nature and feeling of doing well for other people.

People with mars in 12th house end up taking noble profession like social worker, health worker, psychiatrist, etc. as they believe in finding the cause of others problems. There are certain things in their life which they want to do but fail to do due to some reasons because they think such things will either make them philosophical or make them feel frustrated. People with mars in 12th house are in constant fear of secret enemies who usually take slander as their weapon to defeat them. But, such people are fortunate enough to overtake such conditions with their experiences, understanding, profound discoveries and their excellence in their professions.

Mars in 12th house of a person also shows the desires of the person which are highly influenced by their subconscious mind. They possess persuasive sense of achieving their mission, but they keep their desires secret from others. Mars position in 12th house also indicates strong hold of Rahu, which means Rahu will have no negative in their life. It is better for them to bring out their anger in open so that others can understand it.

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