Mars in the 11th House

Mars in the 11th house of zodiac of the natives is the house ideals for them. People with mars in 11th house have a large number of acquaintances and they tend to be very argumentative with their acquaintances even in the smallest matter. As far as the idealistic approach of people with mars in 11th house is concerned they usually charge in that and don’t even give a second though to it. People with such mars positioning are highly intellectual by nature and prove themselves in the society as a fiery leader. They are most likely get involved in complicated matters pertaining to future and the beginning of new things.

Their great enthusiasm about new things and different aspects of life makes them an influential personality in their group. Their ability to start up and launch new things that too in particular social measures and public concerns that involve idealism are especially applauded by the public in large that gives them name and fame in the society.

Usually mars in this house give positive results to its natives because of the presence of Saturn and Jupiter. Such people are very courageous and usually end up taking the profession of a trader. But, they should avoid selling their ancestral property as it acts as their lucky charm for success. This mars positioning also indicates great level of energy towards the cause of the natives own choice. They easily won the position of a champion among their group and usually get success in arousing people for a social worthy project. People with mars in 11th house are generally the initiators of the actions and works harder in their group. At times they seem to be very disruptive due to their independent attitude and stiffness in not taking orders from others even for a good cause.

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