Mars in the 10th House

If the person have mars in 10th house it means its position is in the house of public image, which makes the natives of this positioning very reluctant about their career. They prefer being boss rather than being an executive for putting the things in order and also getting them done on time. They prefer working independently and alone as they have strong will to succeed in their ventures. Their practicality and positive attitude gives them success in everything they do. Such people tend to put in lot of energy in their career objectives as they are ambitious and wish to be on top in their field.  

They believe in avoiding conflicts as they are likely to indulge in arguments with boss and co-workers over petty issues. Such person might also face issues with their parents. If they become boss, they are likely to be very strict and give importance to only results, but their honesty and generosity makes them a delight to work with. People with mars in 10th house are eligible for taking up any type of occupation, but they prefer taking up law as their profession not importantly lawyer only but joining police force also remains their option. They long for profession that particularly involves law enforcement and arguments.   

This position of mars in a native’s zodiac denotes their hunger for status as they mainly focus on their career. Their strong desire to achieve a top status in the society attracts them to the fields of politics and military. Their commendable initiative abilities support their professional and personal ambitions. They tend to get influenced by their powerful position and don’t even make any effort for giving values to the human concerns. They get involved in humanitarian matters only if the sensitivity traits are highlighted in their chart through any other planet. Still, their mars in 10th house indicate their strong trait of leadership despite other influence of other planets in their charts.

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