Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter, also known as the ruler of the ancient Gods, governs luck, joy and well being. Those having a strong Jupiter in any of the houses are most likely to be inherently lucky, with their success being based on a series of favourable circumstances, fortunate events and typically ‘lucky’ decisions. Often the more accomplished speculators of diverse nature, like gamblers, financial investors and so on, tend to have a

well aspect Jupiter. However, one poorly aspect, Jupiter can cause one to be over confident in their natural inclination towards good fortune, usually leading them to act in a manner no short of being foolhardy or reckless.

Being the strongest planet in the solar system, Jupiter in all the houses, governs one’s potential to grow and expand their sphere of influence. It regulates social status, power and the strong personal networks one may have. Thus, it leads to greater success in fields like law, politics, government office, and similar professions. Also, given the innate proclivity towards ruler ship, Jupiter may be responsible for people who assert themselves as Kings, Princes, Presidents, or leaders of big business empires. The concern with growth and expansion is not limited to the professional sphere – it extends to the spiritual, mental and cultural domains as well. Thus, Jupiter regulates the interest in religion, cultural pursuits and the arts.

Jupiter in all the houses also rules one’s interest in foreign places and new experiences. It determines the extent of travel and association with foreigners that one will have in their lifetime. The quest for adventure, sports or any novel encounter is again deeply influenced by the strength of Jupiter in one’s horoscope. Also, this gigantic planet rules the humanitarian aspect of one’s personality, determining the inclination towards social service and philanthropy. Thus, Jupiter is the master of fortune and growth and influences various defining characteristics of one’s personality.

Jupiter in all Houses

Jupiter in the 1st House
Jupiter in the 2nd House
Jupiter in the 3rd House
Jupiter in the 4th House
Jupiter in the 5th House
Jupiter in the 6th House
Jupiter in the 7th House
Jupiter in the 8th House
Jupiter in the 9th House
Jupiter in the 10th House
Jupiter in the 11th House
Jupiter in the 12th House

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