Jupiter in the 9th House

The placement of Jupiter in the 9th house is a clear indication of an interest in travelling, education, philosophy or psychology. People with such planetary positions tend to indulge in long distance foreign travel in pursuit of knowledge and the subject areas that they are interested in. They usually have extended interactions with foreigners and often gain much from such associations. Such people have much interest in the occult sciences, and may use their psychic abilities in order to heal advice and guide others in life. There is a definite inclination towards religious study, and such people tend to hold positions of power in religious institutions.

Those having Jupiter in the 9th house are usually very optimistic and rather idealistic in their approach in life, and tend to focus of the bigger picture and abstract concepts regarding love and life. With a inherent inclination to help others such people are perceived as being kind-hearted and giving. They are usually well liked and trusted, and have a tranquil and noble disposition that often enamors recent acquaintances. They possess good intuitive abilities and amazing foresight, and prefer to make decisions based on logical considerations. Such people certainly have a philanthropic edge to their personalities.

People with Jupiter in the 9th house focus on achieving the best possible education and profound knowledge in their field of interest equips them to take up teaching or professing in future. Writing, publishing and law are other fields where they will gain much success.  Also, with their interest in philosophy many proceed to become mystics and gurus, in some circumstances, displaying extreme altruism and asceticism. Though they appear to be most broad minded and tolerant, such individuals themselves support conventional view points in most scenarios. Often they achieve recognition and success in the latter half of their lives.

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